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In businesses like warehouse storage, moving business or even in construction and engineering projects, specialty vehicles are important. These kinds of vehicles speed up the entire work process and decrease the requirement of additional manpower. A forklift is one of these types of vehicle. With its capability to lift heavy materials and transporting them easily to another place is the basic reason why company owners get them.

If you want to procure your forklift for your business you might find it expensive. Good thing that there is a credible forklift rental company in Malaysia that can provide you with quality and budget-friendly forklift rental price. Know more about our services by giving us a call.


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Top Reasons Why Renting a Forklift is Good for your Business

We already know that owning a specialty vehicle like a forklift already gives you an advantage in your business or your construction project. It is undeniably helpful when it comes to supply materials lifting and transporting. But purchasing a forklift might not be that appealing for you and your company's budget. Here's a list of why forklift rental is the best step you need to take.


Budget-wise. You can save more on your expenses when you rent a forklift. Forklift rental price is more than half the price of a brand new forklift. That's already a huge amount you can save and spend on other things like supply materials and labor.

Maintenance. Many forklift rental companies offer complete machine services. You don't need to worry about keeping the machine functions as the company itself will handle the maintenance and repair services. If you rent with Westcavator, you will experience complete forklift rental services with us.

Storage. Forklifts come in different sizes and function that's why looking for proper storage is required when you own one. But with renting, once you are done with your project you don't have to worry where to store the vehicle for a longer period. Simply return the vehicle and problem solve.

These are just a few reasons why renting a forklift is good for your business. You might find other reasons along the way once you already rented one. We hope this will help you decide to finally rent one. In any case, you can always call our lines for any questions about our forklift rental services.


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Different Types of Forklifts for Hire

Maybe you are already familiar with forklifts but there are many types of forklifts available in the market. To your advantage, Westcavator Malaysia has all the types of forklifts for hire that you can choose.

The most common are the Reach Forklift Trucks and the Counterbalance Forklifts which are perfect for warehouse managing. It can lift heavy boxes and transport them to a new location. We also have the specialty forklift like the Rough Terrain Forklift which fits for construction sites and rough road areas with its thicker threads and stability on the jagged ground. We even offer Telescopic forklift rental for a low price deal.

Whichever you prefer all these types of forklifts can be found in our yard. All you have to do is to give us a call and we will let you in for a tour.  


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