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In many land and infrastructure developing areas, it is rare to not see any construction vehicles like bulldozers on the site. Construction companies, big or small, invest in this large construction equipment to make sure that all their projects are done within the schedule. But not all companies have the capability to purchase such equipment. Aside from its expense or huge cost, keeping it working and handling the maintenance is another responsibility.

Westcavator is a rental service company in Malaysia that offers a comprehensive rental package for all types of construction vehicles. Whenever you are looking for affordable bulldozer rental rates, you are definitely in the right place.

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Excavator Rental Malaysia

Wide Selection of Different Types & Brands of Bulldozers for Hire

Bulldozer comes in different types depending on their size, horsepower, weight, and usage. There are two types which are wheeled loaders and crawler bulldozers. Wheeled loaders are easy to maneuver and have tires. This gives it higher functionality and steering advantages. While crawler bulldozers are designed to handle heavy and taxing jobs like crushing solid surfaces and pushing heavy things. But with its abrasive plates, it is highly movable in irregular lands and rocky surfaces.

So, if you are looking for a specific bulldozer type you can trust Westcavator. We are a certified backhoe supplier in Malaysia and we can supply you with quality and high-performing backhoes for your construction projects. 

Excavator Rental Malaysia

We Provide Fast and Easy Bulldozer Rental Deal

When renting with us, we make things simple. If you are located in Johor Bahru and looking for an affordable bulldozer rental, you can fill out this inquiry form here or call us right away. Also, we have widened our scope of service area, we now have bulldozer rentals in Kuala Lumpur, Klang, and Melaka. Avail our reasonable bulldozer rental price rates anywhere you are in Malaysia.

Talk to our servicemen anything about bulldozer rental services and they will assist you to get the best bulldozer type that will fit your scope of work.


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