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Looking for a trusted company where you can source out all your construction equipment might be difficult especially when you are located in a busy city like Petaling Jaya (PJ). There are many rental companies that offer low rental rates and promote promising offers, the question is can they really deliver their services? These might confuse you as you need someone that is reliable and experienced when it comes to excavator rentals.

Fortunately, Westcavator Malaysia is here and we offer excavator rentals in Petaling Jaya. We have a complete fleet of all kinds of construction equipment that you can use and deploy on your project site. Our experience in the rental service industry gives us an edge over other competitors. Our standing credibility has earned us the trust of our clients thus they keep on coming back and avail our services.

Whenever you are decided to rent with us, anytime that you are interested, do not hesitate to talk to us.


Excavator Rental Malaysia

Construction Industry Key Players are Turning to Excavator Rentals

The booming of the construction industry has turned major construction industry key players, both contractors, and engineers to turn into construction machine leasing. Many favored the advantages excavator rentals can do to their business. Aside from that, they can save a lot on their company's budget, it also disregards some major expenses and workloads like machine transportation and storage issues. Undeniably, excavator rental is becoming a major trend in the industry.

With all these changes, Westcavator as a leading company in Malaysia that provides excavator rental services is continuously dedicated to offering high-standard customer service. Our complete fleet of branded construction machinery gives us an edge over other competitors. You can freely choose from different types of excavators and different brands like JCB, Komatsu, Hitachi, and Kobelco the moment you visit our yard. And we do not only offer excavators for hire but we have other construction equipment as well like lorry cranes, backhoes, and even specialized vehicle like low loaders and wheel loaders.

Excavator Rental Malaysia

Utilize Only Quality Excavators. Rent One With Westcavator Malaysia Now!

Westcavator Malaysia is your one-stop shop for all your construction equipment needs. Rent your own excavator now for the best rental price deal and work with a functional and quality excavator in no time. Finish your construction project in Petaling Jaya, return the machine, and no need to worry about longer storage issues and maintenance. Enjoy the advantages an excavator rental can do for you and your business.

Give us a call now and we will handle everything including the logistics. We will deliver your machine of choice right to your project site. You can relax and handle your project while we settle your rental contract with us. Call our lines now!

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