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As there are many types of construction equipment required in a construction site, having a skid loader in place is beneficial for you. The skid loader might be small in size but it works the same as excavators. And just like other heavy machinery, it can perform a tough job which can be very helpful on your current construction project. It offers a lot of advantages that's why many contractors or engineers launch skid loaders to work on their sites.

Skid loaders or commonly known as Bobcat skid loaders are a versatile type of construction vehicle. Others are confused between the two but Bobcat is a manufacturing brand and widely known for engineering quality skid loaders. If you are interested in getting your own skid loader, you can have it easily by availing of our skid loader rental services.

Westcavator offers budget-friendly skid loader rental rates for you. You can even avail of our Bobcat skid loader rental if you want to. Call our lines and talk to our representative about your preference.


Excavator Rental Malaysia

The Benefits of Different Skid Loader Attachments

You might want to figure out why a skid loader is a growing demand for construction equipment even with its compact design. One thing you need to know is that the skid loader has different attachments. These different attachments are an advantage for all skid loader users.

For one, skid loaders attachments can be interchanged. Depending on what specific kind of work you want to use your skid loader. Add to that advantage is small and weighs less compared to front loaders and excavators. With that, you can easily maneuver a skid loader in narrow and enclosed spaces.

There are different varieties of attachments a skid loader can handle and if you want a specific attachment, Westcavator Malaysia can prepare that for you. Whatever attachment you chose, our skid loader rental rates are still at a modest price.

Excavator Rental Malaysia

Reliable Skid Loader Repair and Maintenance Services

We are more than just a rental services company, Westcavator also offers comprehensive equipment maintenance and repair services to all our construction equipment including our skid loaders. We give this advantage to our loyal clients who closed a rental deal with us.

As a trusted skid steer loader supplier in Malaysia, you don’t need to worry about making sure the equipment is working and functional as we will perform a thorough inspection before the machine is disposed of for long-term rent. You are assured that all our equipment is on its top functionality and optimum performance.

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