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If you are in the construction and landscape development in Malaysia you might find yourself looking for a way to make things easier for your business. You might once think of considering buying large equipment like lorry cranes. But how about we tell you that there is a cheaper way rather than spending a huge amount of money on purchasing one lorry crane?

Westcavator is an experienced and reliable lorry crane supplier in Malaysia. We have provided excellent machinery for years in the industry. If you like to rent your own lorry crane, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Excavator Rental Malaysia

Malaysia’s Top Supplier of Branded Lorry Cranes for Hire

Our international partnership with known brands gives us an edge over other competitors. Our fleet is composed of different lorry crane manufacturers brands like JCB, Komatsu, and Volvo- just to name a few. Also, all our lorry cranes are well-maintained before being discharged or rented. You can choose your own lorry cranes for hire according to tonnage, size, and function.

Even with our branded fleet, our lorry crane rental price is still a competitive amount in the market. This advantage gives us an edge over other competitors.  

Moreover, our rental services have spread nationwide. If you are situated in the urban side of Malaysia, you can access our lorry crane rentals in Klang and Selangor.

Excavator Rental Malaysia

Get Assisted By Our Lorry Crane Rental Experts

If you have a hard time making up your mind on what type of lorry crane to rent, do not fuss! We have our well-rounded and knowledgeable service team that will assist you during your visit. They can advise and suggest the best lorry crane according to your business need and preferences. Our team also consists of professional mechanics which will be useful if you have specific inquiries,

Our team are also familiar with different lorry crane manufacturers. In any case, if you have a specific brand name you want to rent you can approach them right away.

Rent Your Own Lorry Crane Now. Call Westcavator Malaysia!

Our lines are open whenever you have decided to finally close a lorry crane rental deal with us.

Wherever you are in Malaysia you can avail of our rental services as we have now lorry crane rentals in Rawang and Melaka.

Westcavator Malaysia waits for your call. Click here to get your free quote!