Malaysia’s Reliable Mini Excavator Rental Services

In every construction project, having adequate and complete machinery is significant. It speeds up the entire work process and finishes the project on time. Yet, procuring heavy machinery like mini excavators costs a huge amount of money. But there is a solution to that.

If you are looking for a mini excavator for your ongoing or upcoming construction project you can trust Westcavator. We are known to be one of the top excavator suppliers in Malaysia. Avail our mini excavators for rent at a low and affordable price.

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Excavator Rental Malaysia

Advantages of Mini Excavators in Limited Construction Spaces

It is acknowledged that mini excavators are helpful in the field due to their small and compact design. With its size, limited construction spaces are not a problem as it can maneuver and perform the task properly. Functionality wise it works the same as the regular-sized excavators as its 360-degree swing ability is also available. This is the reason why many construction companies have an adequate count of mini excavators working on their project site.

In addition, manufacturing brands like Hitachi mini excavators which are widely known for their zero-tail swing and low-noise machine features can be found in our yard. Alongside other brands like Komatsu, Sumimoto, and Kobelco. These brand names have also unique features that you can check when you visit our yard.

Excavator Rental Malaysia

Regularly Maintained Mini Excavators for Hire

Our company’s goal is to make sure that all our clients get the best of their money’s worth. We always make it to the point that all equipment is being checked regularly by our team of mechanics. We conduct monthly service to ensure that all of its parts are working and functioning properly.

Before being disposed of, clients get the chance to inspect our mini excavators for hire personally. They can thoroughly check and inquire about anything that concerns the machine before finally closing the deal. Our project managers will be there to assist and answer all the inquiries regarding our services.

Wider Coverage & Fair Excavator Rental Cost

As a mini excavator rental service in Malaysia, we cover a few nearby cities to give more access to our services. So if you have projects in Selangor, Klang, and Petaling Jaya, we can reach you right away. Widening our scope gives our clients the convenience they want, thus the reason many of them keep on coming back and like to work with us.

Apart from our wide coverage services, we have a modest excavator rental rate among other competitors. You can get the best rental services that fit within your budget.

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If you have already decided to rent our mini excavators, give us a call. And if you are hesitating about the expenses, you can check out our inquiry form and get a rental price quote for free. Whichever you prefer, we would like to hear from you.