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Hitachi, a world-renowned manufacturing company brand when it comes to construction machinery and equipment. A leading innovator in the construction industry and the top-known supplier of quality excavators. Many building contractors and head engineers target to have Hitachi excavators on their project sites. A flood of positive reviews of the equipment over the years makes it very in demand in the said field.

On the other hand, Westcavator Malaysia made it possible for local companies to acquire their own Hitachi excavators. Clearly, each piece of Hitachi equipment is expensive since then we made our Hitachi excavator rental rates affordable so that even small-time companies or individuals can procure their own. Call us if you are interested to get your own Hitachi excavator.

Excavator Rental Malaysia

A Good Deal of Hitachi Excavator Rental Rate Only with Westcavator

It is already given that purchasing a brand new Hitachi excavator for sale would require you a huge amount of money. That is why Westcavator Malaysia has structured an effective rental method that all our current and prospective clients find easy and manageable. Our Hitachi excavator rental price is low when compared to other rental companies. And our flexible payment terms make things easier especially for small-time companies that are trying to work out their budget.

While it is inevitable that the new Hitachi excavator gives a lot of advantages when it comes to usage length. Westcavator Malaysia can assure you that even with our for-hire excavator machines, every piece of equipment is taken care of by professional mechanics and servicemen. We assure you that each piece of equipment in our fleet is using original Hitachi excavator replacement parts.

Excavator Rental Malaysia

Westcavator Supplies All Kinds of Hitachi Excavator Models

Do you happen to look for a specific Hitachi excavator model for a long time now? Or are you eyeing the latest models you have seen in one of the Hitachi excavator brochures? If that's the case, we have good news for you! Westcavator Malaysia offers and supplies all kinds of Hitachi excavator models from their old to their recently released models.

We understand that some of our clients preferred some of the old models since there are more familiar with the functionality and the usage, that is why we made sure that we have some of them available in our yard. You can check all our available machines when you visit our yard. Just give us a call and we will give you a free tour.

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Dial our numbers now and get in touch with our service team to know how you can rent your own Hitachi excavator. The rental process is fast and easy. If you want to get a free quote estimate, you can fill up this form and we will send you a response via email.

We look forward to closing a deal with you anytime soon.